Fluker's 12 oz Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet

12 Oz. $7.98

Use of Orange Cube will drastically reduce your number of drowned, dehydrated, and nutrient deficient crickets.


Fluker's Buffet Blend Aquatic Turtle Formula for Pets, 7.5-Ounce

7.5 Oz.  $8.95

Fluker's Buffet Blend is a combination of vitamin fortified pellets, freeze dried river shrimp and freeze dried mealworms. This unique blend ensures your pet will receive the proper balance of essential protein, fat vitamins and minerals.



Fluker Labs  Aquatic Turtle Medley Treat Food, 1.5-Ounce

2 Oz. $8.95

Fluker's aquatic turtle medley treat food. Freeze dried blend of river shrimp, mealworms and crickets. Provides essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Comes in 2-ounce jar.



Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Diet

8 Oz. $10.95