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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                SMALL ANIMAL MEDICATIONS--VITAMINS


Wet Tail Diarrhea Treatment For Hamsters


Wet-Tail Drops, Small Animal Diarrhea Treatment - 1 oz. For HAMSTERS stressed by transport, new diet or excessive handling. Stress is believed to be the leading cause of diarrhea (wet-tail) in hamster.




Small Animal Vita-Drops


OASIS VITA-DROPS for Hamsters has been developed to add a consistent source of nutritional supplements to pocket pets' daily diet. Suitable for hamsters of all types, gerbils, fancy rats, fancy mice, pygmy hedghogs and similar pets. Supplements the pet's dry diet to assure proper nutrition. Includes eye-dropper dispenser and detailed instructions.

2 ounce bottle